the-design-process-500ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN SERVICES – Arcade Design provides a complete architectural consulting services and a full representation during the design development phase.  Architectural services include:

  • Schematic Design Phase: Shall consist of scaled drawings or any other documents describing the areas and volume of the proposed structure, the scope of the project and a preliminary estimate of the Construction Cost
  • Preliminary Design Phase: Shall consist of scaled floor plans and/or elevations describing the size and character of the project as well as the description of proposed structural, mechanical and electrical systems involved. These documents shall be based on the approved Schematic Design Documents. The Owner shall be informed of any changes or adjustments to the approved Schematics and to the estimated Construction Cost
  • Permitting Documents Phase: Based on the approved Preliminary Design Documents the Architect shall prepare a complete set of permitting drawings. These documents shall consist of detailed architectural drawings and specifications as necessary to acquire the Building permit (By Others). Permitting Documents shall also include the location of the Septic System as required by the Health Department. The architect shall make any appropriate modifications due to county or city review comments for building permitting

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